monkies in an agile team
Monkays at their agile inception meeting.

Valerie holds a PhD in Rhetoric and Composition with 8 years’ experience teaching composition, communication, and presentation and 3 years’ experience as a project manager, and faculty consultant as an Innovation Fellow for Georgia State University. She excels at managing multiple projects, with high pattern recognition skills and creating content across multiple mediums. Valerie loves to acquire new skills and is currently teaching herself HTML, CSS, and Adobe Illustrator.

Core Competencies

Strategic and Critial Thinking:

Valerie has the ability to anticipate an organization’s needs and suggest an early course of action to solve problems, or increase positive energy and momentum. She can think through a problem from several angles, forming questions and problematizing outcomes to anticipate future issues that may arise.


Valerie is talented in communicating in a variety of modes. She can relay information to and from project and development, management and staff, and client and project manager. Further, she can create content for a variety of audiences, and mediums, as well as train others in this skill. Valerie excels at composing and delivering presentations effectively in a range of settings and audiences.


Valerie has proven herself a successful university level writing teacher, which has included directing and mentoring newer graduate student instructors. She has directed several conferences, crafting each from the ground up, and implementing protocol for reproduction. She is skilled in understanding people’s talents and delegating tasks accordingly.

Project Management:

Valerie is capable of turning data into narrative through graphic visualization, infographic, or content editing. She regularly schedules meetings, keeps team members on track, determines tasks to deliver products on time, and organizes usability tests.

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Georgia State University

PhD in Rhetoric and Composition

Dissertation: “The Value of Scholarly Writing: A Temporal-Material Rhetorical Analysis of Delivery in Google Documents”

Northern Arizona University

M.ED German Emphasis with Certification, summa cum laudei>, May 2009

M.A. English: Education Emphasis, summa cum laude, May 2008

Arizona State University

B.F.A. Art History, magna cum laude, 2005

Karl Eberhardts Universität, Tübingen, Germany

Study Abroad, Spring semester 2005

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Innovation Fellow 2013-current

I serve several roles in an agile-style IT/Marketing environment as Project Manager, Business Analyst, Product Owner, and UX Designer. I handle multiple projects at a time, learning new software and management skills as required. I have delivered projects on-time and at (or under) budget from constructing an Ebook using iBooks author as project manager, product owner, and data visualization team member, to building an out-ward facing undergraduate magazine for Georgia State University Honors College where I served as project lead, content writer, product owner, UX designer, and client consultant.

For a complete look at my projects and duties, visit projects page.

Senior Contributing Editor of Hybrid Pedagogy 2012 - current

For 4 years, I have been editing for the all online, open access, peer reviewed pedagogy journal, Hybrid Pedagogy. Using primarily Google Documents, hangouts, and slack, I work to provide the journal with the best possible content. I work with successful authors in at a speed faster than typical academic publishing. My authors are happy with the co-editing, peer-review process. I have authored several articles published in the journal, and lead authors by this example.

Composition Instructor 2006 - 2014

As both a graduate instructor, and a full-time lecturer, I successfully taught several courses per semester for 20-25 students per course for 8+ years. I built my own courses according to expected learning outcomes and assessment models. I constructed lesson plans and exacted them each class with measured success. Further, I mentored many new instructors, leading workshops, and giving one-on-one instruction. I was awarded teacher of the year in 2010 and teacher and mentor of the year in 2013. Visit my portfolio at

Conference Organizer and Chair 2006 - 2014

For 6 consecutive years, I chaired, or faculty sponsored the graduate English conference at both Northern Arizona University, Georgia State University, and nationally. As chair, I delegated necessary tasks, made final decisions, and kept all committee members on task. My first year as chair at both universities, I had to reconstruct the committee and tasks, as well as build a storage place and create a system of reproduction. Both university conferences are still running as I set them up.

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Awards & Memberships


Teacher of the Year 20011 & 2013


Society for Tecnichal Communication (STC): Member since 2016

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